Botellas para niños


Alimentar su aventura en el aula y al aire libre con nuestra colección de botellas de agua hecha para manos pequeñas pero poderosas. Impresiones y colores divertidas le será fácil de entusiasmar a los niños con la hidratación.

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Kids Water Bottles Built for Adventure

In the quest for childhood adventures, hydration is as crucial as a vivid imagination. CamelBak recognises the importance of keeping young explorers hydrated, whether they are braving backyard safaris or conquering the playground. Camelbak's kids water bottles are not just containers for water; they are companions on every little quest, featuring designs and robust functionality.


CamelBak's range of kids water bottles come with a variety of playful patterns and vibrant colours. Children are naturally drawn to objects that reflect their interests and personalities. With themes like mermaids, sharks, and unicorns, these bottles are designed to captivate and inspire.

Engineered for Young Hands and Habits

Understanding that children's motor skills are still developing, CamelBak has engineered bottles that are easy to use:

  • Easy Carry Handles: Designed for small fingers to grasp and carry.
  • Bite Valves: Soft and secure, these valves ensure a steady flow of liquid with a simple flip, bite, and sip action.

Materials That Matter

In a world increasingly aware of environmental impact, CamelBak steps forward with eco-conscious choices:

  • Tritan™ Renew is a new type of plastic that is made with 50% recycled materials. Strong and light, making it great for active kids.
  • Insulated Stainless Steel: These bottles are crafted to keep water cool, ensuring a refreshing sip every time.
  • Spill-Proof Stainless Steel: For the rough and tumble of playtime, these single-wall designs can take a beating without leaking a drop.

Special Features

The CamelBak water bottles for kids aren't just about what's on the outside; they come with features that make hydration a breeze:

  • Insulation: Some models come insulated to keep water cool for extended periods, ideal for hot days.
  • Spill-Proof Design: No more accidental spills in the backpack or during transport.
  • Reusable and BPA-Free: Health and planet-friendly materials ensure safe use and reduce the need for single-use plastics.

Limited Edition Collections

For those seeking uniqueness, CamelBak offers Limited Edition water bottles. These exclusive designs are ever-changing, making each bottle a collectible item that kids can show off to their friends.


CamelBak prioritises the future of our planet as much as the hydration of its younger clientele. By choosing these reusable and BPA-free bottles, families can significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Hydration Made Fun and Easy

It's not just about drinking water; it's about making hydration a habit that children enjoy. CamelBak's fun designs and easy-to-use features encourage kids to take sips throughout the day, ensuring they stay hydrated during:

  • School Commutes
  • Sports Activities
  • Outdoor Adventures

CamelBak offers more than just a water bottle; it provides a hydration solution that resonates with the adventurous spirit of children. With a focus on durability, environmental responsibility, and appealing designs, CamelBak ensures that staying hydrated is a fun, easy, and integral part of every child's daily routine. Explore the world of CamelBak kids water bottles and equip your little adventurer with the perfect companion for their every day and every dream.