Hydration Backpacks & Running Vests


Our packs are designed with the adventurer in mind, fulfilling the need for both secure essentials storage and physical comfort during diverse outdoor sports and travel.

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Hydration Packs & Vests for Every Adventure

Discover the ultimate in go-anywhere gear with CamelBak® hydration backpacks. Whether you're running, hiking or biking, hydration is an essential part of any health and wellness routine.

Hydration packs offer an easy way to transport water and other essentials with their convenient hands-free design while giving you instant access to water when you need it most. Here’s what you need to know about hydration packs to choose the right option for you.

What is a Hydration Pack?
Manufacturers design hydration packs for carrying water outdoors. They make drinking more efficient and convenient. With hydration packs, you don't need to stop as often for water breaks.

How Do You Drink Out of a Hydration Pack?
CamelBak hydration packs feature an on/off switch on the water reservoir which is attached to the tube and mouthpiece, allowing you to drink hands-free.

Explore hydration gear for every adventure including:

Hydration Packs for Running: Get your hydration to go with lightweight running hydration packs and handhelds. Shop running backpacks designed to go the distance. If you're looking for something lighter, try our Running Vests.

Hydration Backpacks for Cycling:  Keep the momentum going with cycling hydration packs for mountain biking and road cycling, designed to feel stable on the back without creating a lot of wind resistance.

Hydration Packs for Hiking: Enjoy packs designed for all-day adventure with hiking backpacks, delivering the hydration you need, along with ample storage for food, clothing or other essentials - all while keeping you comfortable on the trail.

Snow Sport Hydration Packs: Build your next winter adventure with essential snow hydration vests. Stay hydrated in cold weather with our winterised hydration gear, designed to prevent your water from freezing. With ample storage for all your essentials, you'll be prepared for any outdoor adventure.

Hydration Packs for kids: Designed and built for the smallest adventures with safety and comfort in mind. Our collection of children's backpacks are perfect for younger explorers who need hands-free hydration and organised storage.

Hydration Made Simple
CamelBak hydration packs are perfect for any adventure. They provide the storage space and fit necessary for outdoor activities and trips. With CamelBak, you can have a comfortable and convenient experience. They have the storage space and fit you need for all your outdoor activities and trips.

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