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UTMB World Series

With a shared passion for outdoor performance, innovation, and empowering athletes on their running journeys – we are proud to be the official Hydration Systems and Drinkware Supplier of the UTMB® World Series. CamelBak® brings best-in-class innovation to the series for those reaching toward their fullest potential.

Our Athletes’ Product Of Choice For UTMB

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Zephyr™ Pro Vest

The Zephyr™ Pro Vest will have you equipped with hydration, nutrition, and other essentials.

We’re here to help you prepare for whatever challenge lies ahead, whether it’s the run of a lifetime or a long-distance, multi-day race. Zephyr™ Pro Vest brings you what you need when you need it most, so you can focus on what matters: testing your limits and achieving peak performance.

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Stowable and fully removable trekking pole quive

Allows you to easily access your trekking poles while running.

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Engineering knit mesh

We incorporated our body mapping tech into this mesh design. There are men's and women's specific patterns, based on which parts of your backs get hot. Thus, keeping your back cooler!

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Dual adjustable chest straps

For an easily customizable fit, ensuring all day comfort.

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Stretch overflow pockets

Perfect for any extras you may need on your journey.

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Various points of intentional, highly-visible reflectivity to keep you safe on your run as the sun goes down.


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Sally McRae

Tackling trails with boundless energy and joy, Sally McRae is one of the world’s leading trail and ultra-runners. Hailing from Orange County, her life’s journey has taken her from the relaxing beaches of Southern California to some of the most intense racing environments in the world.

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Cat Bradley

Cat Bradley is an elite trail runner who aims to share her passion and knowledge with the world. She first made a name for herself when she won the Western States 100—a 100-mile endurance trail race, and arguably the most competitive endurance trail race.

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Harry Jones

Keep a lookout, folks, he’s on the move. While you may know him from the running world, Harry Jones is a man of many talents. The Welsh ultra and trail runner holds a degree in Sport Biomedicine & Nutrition. He’s an avid traveler and established YouTuber who enjoys climbing, drumming, and works hard at being a husband and father.

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Scotty Hawker

Born in New Zealand, Scotty Hawker has made his name as one the world's leading trail and ultra-runners, thanks to a string of podium finishes in Ultra-Trail World Tour races.

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Sage Canaday

Sage Canaday's passion for running goes back a long way. Born in Newberg, Oregon, Canaday competed in both track and cross country as a teenager. He wrapped up his high school running career with a 13th-place finish in the state cross country meet.